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Published January 12, 2012 by maribelpaivabenito

The emergence of new technologies has been a profound change in a society that has all the information in real time. Actually Internet provides all the information and it is accessible to everyone.
This change in perspective has a great impact on education, people need to train and retrain continuously, and technologies offer numerous resources that help us in the process of teaching-learning custom. Educators have an obligation therefore trained in the use of these technologies and enable students to use technology in the process. It should also be aware that is common for them to use ICT in their daily lives.


My Experience in ESL

Published January 12, 2012 by maribelpaivabenito

I am finishing my practice period and I have not yet had the opportunity to use information technology in English classes, among other things, there is not in the classroom computer, or projector to make use of them.
I have not used the technology in the teaching of other subjects at school where I am performing the traditional resource use practices of the board and the teacher’s explanations . Nor I have  seen use the whiteboard.
My practical experience on ESL-ICT has came through the activities on Unir. These activities have allowed me to meet many resources to use in teaching in general and in teaching English in particular.

For the implementation of activities has been very useful to go to the page Web British Council. However, in the forum have provided numerous links to web sites created by teachers.

My objectives in ESL

Published January 12, 2012 by maribelpaivabenito

My purpose as a teacher is to use education technology as an indispensable tool and complementary to other teaching tools. I think for the students is very motivating and intuitive using the resources provided by ICT. It makes the process interactive and students can work independently, with teacher supervision.
A POWER POINT  is very simple to create and use . This tool can provide visual information and allows you  add videos, web links…etc. It has the advantage that students also can create their own presentations because it is very easy to use.

Here you are some video to animate  present continuous lesson

Throughout the video, children can see and hear a conversation, so get used to the correct pronunciation (listening and video where they can read the text)

Here you are a lesson 1 for Primary school 9 years .Level 4 teaching grammar.




 I hope you like it.